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                A& L Transportation

A & L Transportation can handle any task, no matter how big or small. Our drivers are dependable, and skillful, and have received CPR training. They are courteous and considerate of the passengers' transportation needs.  


     All vans are dependable since they undergo normal daily inspections and are kept equipped with cutting-edge safety features. We also provide long- and short-distance transportation services. We offer same-day orders in addition to pre-planned trips. 

   The passengers' care, safety, and satisfaction are our priority!

Our Mission

In the short term, our business goals and objectives include: Serving our customers on a daily basis. Our long-term goals include expanding our services beyond the Kansas metro area so that customers in other states and cities can benefit from our services

We're hiring part-time drivers.

  • Job Title

  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport Driver (Wheelchair position)

  • Job description:

  •    *Part-time Role

  • The applicant must be capable of transferring wheelchair-bound patients into and out of wheelchair vans and transporting them to locations throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

  • Must have reliable transportation to work.

  • The ability to read a GPS device.

  • Must have a clean driving record.

  • Must have amazing patient care.

  • Must have a great/positive attitude.

  • Must be flexible and work after 5 pm.

  • The candidate must not have any felonies and be able to undergo a background check at the time of employment.

  • On-the-job training will be provided.

  • Email resume to

Thanks for submitting!

Alexia Patrick, KS

The drivers are courteous and organized, resulting in a comfortable and rejuvenating ride. I highly recommend their exceptional service.

Melissa Adrianne

The transportation from the rehabilitation center to my doctor's appointment was without any complications. I found pleasure in listening to the music during the ride.

Pamela D

I highly recommend A&L Transportation for their exceptional service. The driver treated me with respect and courtesy, making me feel like part of their family.
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