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  • Do you bill Insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to bill insurance companies directly for our services. Nevertheless, we can provide our customers with invoices that they can pay and submit to their insurance providers for possible reimbursement. We suggest that you contact your insurance provider to learn more about the reimbursement options available to you.
  • Do you permit family members to accompany clients during the ride?
    Certainly, we understand that having family members with you can enhance comfort and provide a sense of security. Our vans are equipped with extra seating to accommodate passengers. While it is appreciated if you inform us in advance, it is not mandatory.
  • Do you transport from a private home?
    We can transport from a private residence. Our guests' and drivers' safety is ensured by letting us know in advance if there are steps or other obstacles in the home.
  • What types of transportation do you provide?
    Wheelchair Transport: We will transport our guest in a wheelchair to their destination. Ambulatory: Guests can walk independently or with a mobility aid like a walker.
  • Can you take me or pick me up from the airport?
    We offer airport transportation services that include both pick-up and drop-off options. We recognize the significance of reaching your destination promptly and without any inconvenience. Our reliable transportation services ensure a fast, convenient, and dependable airport shuttle experience.
  • Can you set up recurring transportation?
    We offer the option to arrange recurring transportation services. Our services cater to guests who require dialysis treatments, physical therapy, cancer treatments, and more. To ensure seamless arrangements, we kindly request advance notice of the schedule. Alternatively, you may conveniently schedule your transportation through our website.
  • Can you take my loved one to Sporting events?
    We offer transportation services for leisure activities, including sporting events. Our team is delighted to accompany your loved one to various exciting outings such as weddings, ball games, shopping trips, and more. Kindly note that advanced notice of the event is necessary for us to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Do you offer transportation services during holidays?
    Certainly, we value the chance to assist in bringing your loved one home for the holidays. Please note that there is a small additional fee and we kindly request advance notice for such arrangements.
  • Who pays for the transportation?
    We invoice the facilities with whom we have contractual agreements, or alternatively, our guests/families may choose to prepay for their transportation services.
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